Are you studying in the United States? *

Section I: Personal Information

Complete this section with all of your personal information. 
Remember: The spelling of your name must be the same on all of your documents: Application, Passport, Bank records, government issued identification, etc...
If the spelling of your name does NOT match on all of your documents you may have a trouble applying for a visa at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate. 
Please give a correct and
full address with a zip code.
If you do not know, then
ask a business near your home.
Is this a cell phone *
Marital Status *
If "Married", will your family accompany you also?


Section I.A: Current Status

Complete this section if you are... 
- Currently in the United States and are NOT a U.S. citizen 
- Studying at another university, private language school, or intensive English Program
If you are transferring your I-20 from 
another U.S. school,
you and your current school
must complete this form.

Section II: US Contact Information

Provide a contact person in the United States (If Applicable). 
- This person is your emergency contact person in the U.S. 
- You can choose to have your I-20 sent to this person
Would you like your I-20 sent to this address?

Section III: Educational and Language Learning Background Information

You are not required to take TOEFL or any other test for admission to SAELL.
SAELL tests everyone on the first day of class.
The below information only helps SAELL to place you a level. 
Providing this information does not gaurantee placement in any level until you have taken the SAELL's placement test. 

Section IV: SAELL Program Preferences

Complete the following using your best guess. 
Remember: it may take one to two months to process your visa. 
Which of the following courses interests you?
English for Specific Purposes (Choose Four
English for... *
Test Preparation? (Choose Two*
Business English (Choose Two)
English for... *

Section V: SAELL Program Costs

In order to get a F or J visa.
You must complete the
Financial Support Form
and prove to the
U.S. Embassy you have 
$26,271 in available funds.
Campus housing is NOT avaiable.
Would you like information on any of the following? 
Homestay Program? *
Private Dormitories? *
Apartment rentals close to campus? *

Section VI: Northeastern Illinois University Preferences:

If you wish to be considered for conditional admission into a Northeastern undergraduate program, or you are going to apply to graduate program. 
Please complete the following information to expedite your application. 
Do you want conditional
admission to a 
undergraduate program? *
The School for the Advancement of English Language and Learning (SAELL) follows Northeastern Illinois University's non-discriminatory policy. You must...
- Be 17 years or older. 
- Have a high-school education.
- agree to take ESL-230 and ESL-290 when you are fully admitted. 
Conditional admission to a Northeastern Undergraduate program is contingent upon the following: 
1. A transcript evaluation by ECE or WES. (This can be done while you are studying English)
2. Getting a 500 on the TOEFL, or equivalent. 


Do you want conditional admission to  
graduate program? *
The School for the Advancement of English Language and Learning (SAELL) follows Northeastern Illinois University's non-discriminatory policy. You must...
- Be 22 years or older. 
- Have a Bachelor degree from an accredited international university.
- Have a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale to apply to most programs. 
- Upload a copy of your transcripts. 
Full admission will be granted to most programs after you...
- Get a 79/80 on TOEFL IBT, 6.5 on IETLS, or equivalent. (Some departments have higher requirements)
- Completed an ECE or WES evaluation of your Bachelor degree transcripts.
- Completed a full application to the graduate college.
- Other departmental requirements will apply. 


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