Academic Coaching Registration Form

Before Registering...

Your child’s success is our top priority. To achieve this success, we strongly recommend weekly tutoring sessions scheduled for a set day and time.

We welcome short-term tutoring support as long as weekly sessions are scheduled during the short-term period.

We are proud to let families know that our tutoring team consists of top-notch, experienced, certified educators, most of whom are full time teachers at various schools in Houston. Teaching is our profession!

Please note: If you are looking for intermittent tutoring sessions on an as-need basis, our tutoring service may not be the best fit for your family as we cannot guarantee we will have a tutor available when you need one. Contact us if you have questions or special circumstances to discuss to see how we can help.

Lisa Fegen
Head Honcho - Raising the Bar

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Student Availability

Note: The more availability you have during the week (Monday - Sunday), the more tutoring candidates you will have to choose from.

Availability (check all that apply)
 4:15pm-6pm6pm - 8pm
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 9am - 12pm12pm - 3pm3pm - 6pm6pm - 8pm

In addition to helping establish academic routines and time management strategies, it's helpful for us to know which academic area(s) you feel your child might need support during the school year.

Please check up to 2 areas in which you feel your child might benefit from additional support.
If registering TWO kids, please list this info for your second child in the comment box below. *

About the $25 Registration Fee

Families New to RTB…
I understand that the non-refundable $25 processing fee must be paid before RTB begins their search to find someone wonderful for my child.

Existing RTB Families…

I understand that the non-refundable $25 processing fee must be paid if my child needs an additional tutor for support in a content area outside of the original placement…OR…if a new placement is needed for the summer or the new school year, regardless of the circumstance of the previous tutor's unavailability.

All RTB Families...

I understand that RTB’s academic coach/tutoring rate is $70 per hour and all of their academic coaches/tutors are experienced, certified educators.

I understand that there is NO fee to replace an academic coach who is unable to continue working my family during the same school year in which he or she was placed.


Academic Coaching Policies and Procedures

Your child’s success is our top priority. In order to achieve this success, we strongly recommend scheduling weekly sessions on a set day and time.

We advocate consistency therefore sessions should be scheduled and maintained, regardless of your child’s current assignment load. Sure, cancellations will happen from time to time, but they need to be few and far between. Again, your child’s success is our priority. Consistency is the key!

An adult needs to be present in the house at all times during the tutoring session. Siblings who have graduated high school may be considered the adult at home.

Should you choose to have our academic coach meet your child at an alternate location (bookstore, library, etc.), you will need to provide transportation for your child.  Our staff is not allowed to transport their students.

Sessions run a full hour, but also can be scheduled in advance for a longer duration if needed.

Time is important to everyone. Should you need to cancel/reschedule, please contact your child’s academic coach directly no less than 3 hours of the scheduled session. Missed sessions or cancellations made less than 3 hours prior to the session will be billed (with the exceptions of emergencies, of course!)

Should your child’s academic coach need to cancel or reschedule, you will be given more than a 3-hour notice, too!


The Fine Print - Terms and Conditions

I understand that once a placement has been made, I am required to submit a $140 deposit before I can schedule tutoring sessions and that tutoring is to begin within 2 calendar weeks from the date of this registration.

I understand that if I do not submit the $140 deposit and begin sessions within 2 weeks of my registration, an additional $25 fee may be charged to repeat the placement process as the academic coach’s availability can no longer be guaranteed.

I understand that invoices are emailed each Sunday evening for the past week’s sessions and that weekly online payments are required - All credit/debit cards are welcomed – Cash and/or checks are no longer accepted.

I understand that I may purchase a bank of coaching sessions of any denomination to ease the process of weekly payments.

I understand that if I carry a balance of $140 or more, no future sessions can be scheduled with my child’s coach until payment is made. I also understand that if there is a delay in payment of balances $140 or more, my child’s coach may not be available for that week.

I understand that RTB tutors, both past and present, who have been placed with families through RTB (or have been introduced to new families through RTB) are not allowed to work independently with  families outside of the RTB agreement of terms. All tutors have signed a non-compete agreement to uphold this policy.