2019-2020 School Health Services Program Annual Report to CDE

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SUMMARY OF EXPENDITURES Enter totals here after all amounts have been entered and totaled in report.

Total Funds Expenditure for 2019-2020


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Total Administrative Expenditures:


Select the Health Service categories where your district spent funds for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Your selection will help to populate only the questions that you need to answer. If you need furter assistance, please contact Omar Estrada Estrada_O@cde.state.co.us
Select the Health Service Category(s) in which your district/BOCES spent money: *

Assistance/Emergency Funds (Service Units only)

Assistive Technology (Pieces of Equipment)

Audiology (FTE and Pieces of Equipment)

Case Management/Care Coordination (FTE Only)

Dental (Service Units Only)

Health Assistant/Clinic Aide (FTE Only)

Health Education (FTE Only)

Intensive Health Tech (FTE Only)

Insurance Outreach - CHP+ & Medicaid (FTE Only)

Materials/Equipment/Supplies (Pieces of Equipment)

Mental Health (FTE and Pieces of Equipment)

Motor Therapy (FTE and Pieces of Equipment)

Nursing Services (FTE and Pieces of Equipment)

Nutrition (# of Classes Only)

Occupational Therapy (FTE and Pieces of Equipment)

Orientation & Mobility (FTE and Pieces of Equipment)

Parent & Family Services (FTE Only)

Physical Therapy (FTE and Pieces of Equipment)

Physician Services (FTE and Physician Visits)

Screening and Assessments (FTE Only)

Speech Language SLP (FTE and Pieces of Equipment)

Training/Professional Development (# of classes Only)

Transportation (Pieces of Equipment Only)

Vision (Pieces of Equipment Only)

Total # Piece of Equipment
Total # of FTE
Total Health Services Expenditures:

EDAC Approval Stamp for 2019-20