2019-2020 HFC GOALS Financial Aid Application

Please read and acknowledge the following before beginning your application:

I understand that the HFC GOALS (Granting Opportunities for Achievement in Life through Soccer) program is a need-based financial aid program that makes participation in HFC Academy, Intermediate, and Competitive soccer possible for players who otherwise could not afford it. It is funded through individual tax-deductible donations from ABYSA & HFC families and from corporate financial aid partners. *
I understand that award recipients will be required to pay a minimum amount of $75/MONTH for the Competitive program (which would include HFC and TEAM fees) or $30/MONTH for the Intermediate or Academy programs. These are minimum amounts and the total amount may be more. I also agree to participate in the Club's fund-raising programs where possible (Ingles Gift Cards, Tournament Program Ad Sales, Service Program, and Marathon Game Fundraiser). *
I understand that my application will be reviewed by the ABYSA Board GOALS Committee and that the committee makes the final decision regarding eligibility and amounts of awards granted. Approval or denial of financial aid requests is based solely on the Committee's decision. *
I understand that all information will be kept confidential at the Team and Club level. Recipients of financial aid are also expected to keep their involvement in this program and details about awards confidential. *
I understand that Financial Aid recipients, like all other players, are expected to fully participate in all team activities, team training session, away matches, and tournaments. *
I understand that all families are expected to volunteer for a minimum of 4 hours over the seasonal year. Numerous activities require volunteer help throughout the year. Possible opportunities include serving as a field marshal at one of our tournaments, stuffing envelopes for Marathon games mailings, uniform sorting, serving as a team manager or treasurer, etc. *
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