The builder campaign is a way for members to support Fiat Club America by helping us to
fund a conversion to a new website and club management software.
The new web hosting site is a car club oriented service which will provide us a modern looking website,
complete membership management tools, and much more. It will literally save us thousands of
dollars a year over what we pay for similar services now and give us the advantage of being one
stop shopping for almost all our club management and communication needs.
This hosting site was built by some off duty IBM programmers who liked cars to serve their own car club.
It proved so good, they marketed it to other car clubs and it took off. It has been on the market
for years now and is used by national clubs such as the Alfa Romeo Owners Club, Aston Martin Owners
Club, the Porsche 365 Registry, and many, many more.
In short, it is exactly what we need to better manage FCA in an economically efficient and member
friendly manner. But, it has a fairly pricey initial set up fee.
That is where you come in!
In order to fund the new FCA website initial fee, we have created three window stickers for your cars,
called FCA "BUILDER" stickers. In exchange for helping us fund the software migration, we will give you a
Builder sticker to display on your vehicles and let everyone know you helped build the future of
our club.

We have 3 Builder levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze.
For every "Builder" donation you make, Fiat Club America will give you a free sticker matching the level of your donation.
All 3 stickers are 2.5" wide by 3.0" tall. A laminate makes them waterproof, UV and scratch
resistant, and even dishwasher safe. Please note that while some of our cars are indeed small, we
do NOT recommend washing them in a dishwasher.


Please check the box to indicate you have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed above before proceeding. *

Check online at under the membership login for status of membership.  

Questions? (Prefer E-mail please)

Donation questions: Arman Labrada at

(mobile 201-741-0182 leave message)

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2.  After you make payment you will be able to print your itemized receipt when you see "printer friendly receipt".  Click it and it will show you your itemized receipt.  This is the only place you can print an itemized receipt.  You will receive an email confirmation for your payment amount, but it will not be itemized.