Deep Springs College 2024-2025 Visiting Faculty Application

Each year, Deep Springs seeks scholars and artists who are qualified teachers, from graduate students to professors emeriti/ae, for visiting professor positions.

During our two standard semesters, September-December and January-April, we have two or three visiting scholars and artists teaching at Deep Springs. Visiting professors teach one class, usually in their specialty or discipline. Deep Springs seeks visiting professors in liberal arts disciplines to teach one class as a visitor in either the Fall Semester 2024 (September – December) or Winter Semester 2025 (January – April). Applications will close December 22nd, 2023.

At the close of our main academic year, the seven-week interim summer term, (mid-May through June), is staffed largely by visiting professors. In addition to standard curricular offerings in any liberal arts field, this term is an opportunity for faculty applicants to offer classes of more particular, experimental, or eclectic focus. Deep Springs seeks visiting professors to teach one seven-week class each, during the 2025 Interim Summer Term (mid-May – June). The deadline to apply for a summer position is March 1st, 2024.

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Thank you for applying! Our application process will run through the spring and all decisions will be made by the end of April. If you are offered a phone interview as part of the process, we may also request: 
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