Hull High Athletic Department Registration Form

Student-Athlete Information:
Parent/Guardian Information:
Please list "NONE" in any of the Parent/Guardian Name fields if they are not applicable.
May the Athletic Department share your email address with the Hull Boosters' Club and the Hull PTO? *
Permission Slip Information
I hereby give my son/daughter permission to participate in any of the interscholastic sports that have been selected as listed above.  
I understand that the Athletic Code outlines the regulations that both my son/daughter and I must review and accept in order to participate in interscholastic athletics at Hull High School.
I herby give my permission for my son/daughter to have an ImPact Test (Immediate Post-concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing).  I understand that my child may need to be tested more than once, depending upon the results of the test, as compared to my child's baseline test, which remains on file at Hull High School.
I hereby permit my child to receive emergency medical treatment in the event I cannot be reached at the time such treatment is necessary.
I hereby permit my child to be dropped off of the school bus, in the vicinity of the address listed above, upon return from athletic events not played at Hull High School.
I uderstand that through the Athletic Code, I am held to a higher standard as a student-athlete at Hull High School.  I agree to the conditions outlined in the Athletic Code and willingly make the decision to participate in interscolastic athletic activity at Hull High School.
Upon submitting this form, you will receive an email.  That email will contain a form that will need to be returned hard copy.  Additionally, please print and submit the page that appears on your browser upon completion of this registration.  Lastly, if you want to pay your Athletic User Fee online, the email confirmation will contain the link that you need to do so.  That link is also available on the athletic department website.  Or, you can copy it now:

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