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Safety Environmental Testing is a full-service indoor mold solutions provider. However, we are not a mold remediation contractor, so there is never a conflict of interest when you consult with Safety Environmental Testing for you mold problem. Our role in this process is to provide clients with a variety of mold testing, inspection or consultation services catered to meet their specific needs. There is no "One size fits all" when it comes to indoor mold solutions. Therefore, we strive to really understand your situation berfore we provide a price quote.  With this in mind, the form on this page allows us to better understand your concerns as they pertain to indoor mold. The more we understand about your situation, the better we are able to customize an indoor mold solution for you. Thanks in advance for taking the time to fill out the form. Once we recieve your form, we will provide a price quote within 24 hours of receipt.

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