To determine your eligibility and request an application packet: please fill out this form.

To be eligible to apply to ELAM (the Latin American School of Medicine) in Cuba,
you must be able to answer 'yes' to each of these questions. 
Unfortunately, we are not able to make any exceptions.
Therefore, if you have not answered yes to all the required questions, you will not be able to send the form.  For questions, email us at
This information will be kept on file
and an application packet will be sent to you within a week of your request.
Applications are due March 15th for September 2021 admittance.


I have read the information about the Medical School Project which is on IFCO's web site: *
I am currently between the ages of 18-25. (Note: Exceptions may be considered for those over 25. For more information please contact the IFCO office directly at 212-926-5757 ext 5) *
I am a US Citizen. (Note: The program is for US citizens only. If you are a citizen of another country, you must contact the Cuban authorities in your country of citizenship.) *
I have completed these college level science courses: (Note: these are ALL required, and transcripts will be requested as part of your application procedure.) *
I am aware that this medical school program is for seven years of study at the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba, and that I must complete all seven years of the program. During the program, I must take and pass all the USMLE licensing exams to gain a residency in the United States. *
I am aware that the applications for September 2021 admittance are due by March 15, 2021. *
I am aware that, after graduation, I must pay forward my education by committing to serve/practice in poor and medically underserved communities within the United States. I also commit to mentoring and helping fellow ELAM colleagues. *
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Here is my contact information: please mail me the application packet.