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Leadership Fairfax is seeking youth councils in Fairfax County to join the newly launched Youth Leadership Network. Membership is open to youth councils for any business, county organization or nonprofit.

This new initiative provides a collective umbrella under which youth councils in the County can network, engage in volunteer opportunities and expand their leadership skills through educational courses that address leadership topics important to youth. Fairfax County has entrusted Leadership Fairax to manage the network because of our mission to inspire, develop, connect and engage organizations and people to address issues impacting the county. The leadership network will provide training opportunities and an annual conference for youth councils and their members, advisors and mentors.

For questions, please reach out to Susan Sims, Director – Leadership Programs.

Completing this Signup Form will help us gather data on youth councils in Fairfax County interested in joining the Youth Leadership Network. Council names, websites and contact info will be listed publicly. Other details will be used internally by Leadership Fairfax staff to connect councils and volunteers, and to develop training courses that support the success of councils. Please provide a point of contact with whom Leadership Fairfax can liase, communicate and coordinate educational and volunteer opportunities. 

Please submit your information by December 10, 2021.

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