MBC Building Use Request Form

This form must be filled out for all events held at MBC. Please fill out the form with as much information as you can provide at this point. Please note that submission of a request does not guarantee approval. Please complete and submit form as far in advance of date requested as possible to confirm your reservation. Upon receiving your request, MBC Staff will determine availability based on our calendar of events, and usage needs. You will receive an email upon approval of your request, typically takes 1 week.
Regular Attender: *
Is this a recurring event: *
If yes,
*The building closes at 10:00 pm. If you will be needing the building past 10:00 pm, please call the church office to make other arrangements for lock-up.
Room(s) Requested *
Needs: *
Responsibilities after building use:
1. Collect all garbage and take our to the dumpster located by the Modular.
2. Replace garbage can liner.
3. Return all tables, chairs, and other equipment to their proper places after your event. Return all rooms used to their normal set up.
4. Vacuum or sweep & mop floors as needed. Report any damage to equipment or property promptly to the office (you can email us at office@montavillabaptist.com)
5. Remove any items put up on the walls or set out in connection with your event.
6. When finished, please check that the doors are locked, windows are closed and lights are off.
*Vacuums and mops are located in the Janitors Closet. Broom and dustpan are located in the kitchen.
The undersigned agrees to abide by all of the above policies: *