Our rating system is as follows:
A - Acceptable: Performing its designed function at the time of inspection.
B - Borderline: Showing signs of age or partial failure.
C - Caution: Failing or fully depreciated. Replacement or further consultation with professional contractor is advised.
NP - Not Present: Does not exist or was visually concealed at the time and date of inspection.
NI - Not Inspected: Due to inaccessibility, concealment, seasonal conditions or safety concerns.

Interior - Part 2

Ceiling: Kitchen/Dining Rooms *
Ceiling: Kitchen/Dining Room Notes
Ceiling: Halls & Stairwells
Ceiling: Hall & Stairwell Notes
Ceiling: Bedrooms *
Ceiling: Bedroom Notes
Ceiling: Bathrooms *
Ceiling: Bathroom Notes

Interior - Windows, Walls, Doors, Closets & Floors

Windows: Living/dining rooms *
Windows: Living/dining room Notes
Windows: Bedrooms *
Windows: Bedroom Notes
Windows: Bathrooms
Windows: Bathroom Notes
Walls *
Wall Notes
Walls & Ceilings: Basement
Walls & Ceilings: Basement notes
Doors: Type *
Door Notes
Floors *
Floor Notes
Electric Outlets: Type *
Electric Outlet Notes
Ground Faults: Kitchen
Ground Fault Notes
Ground Faults: Exterior/Garage
Ground Faults Notes
Ground Faults: Bathrooms
Ground Faults Notes
Arc Faults: Type
Arc Fault Notes
Lighting:Type *
Lighting Notes
Radiators/Difusers: Type *
Radiator/Difuser Notes
Rooms W/O Heat: Type
Rooms W/O Heat Notes
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