Our rating system is as follows:
A - Acceptable: Performing its designed function at the time of inspection.
B - Borderline: Showing signs of age or partial failure.
C - Caution: Failing or fully depreciated. Replacement or further consultation with professional contractor is advised.
NP - Not Present: Does not exist or was visually concealed at the time and date of inspection.
NI - Not Inspected: Due to inaccessibility, concealment, seasonal conditions or safety concerns.

Central Heating And Cooling

Heating: Type
Heating Notes
Thermostat Location *
Thermostat Notes
Fire Seperation: Type
Fire Seperation Notes
Emergency Shutoff Location
Emergency Shutoff Notes
Exposed Flue And Damper From Heat Plant: Type
Exposed Flue And Damper Notes
Burner Gun
Burner Gun Notes
Asbestos Notes
PSI Notes
Temp Notes
Sight Glass Notes
Low Water Cutoff Notes
Exp. Tank Notes
Water Level Notes
Auto Feed Notes
Press. Relief Valve
Circulator Pump: Type
Circulator Pump Notes
Zone Valve: Type
Zone Valve Notes
Pipes: Type
Pipe Notes
Type of Heat: Type *
Type Of Heat Notes
Circulator Fan: Type
Circulator Fan Notes
Filter: Type
Filter Notes
Duct Work: Type
Duct Work Notes
Insulation: Type
Insulation Notes
Electric: Type
Electric Notes
Space Heater Location
Space Heater Notes
Propane Notes
Fill & Vent Stack Notes
Oil Level Notes
Emergency Cut Off Notes
Solid Fuel Devices: Type
Solid Fuel Device Notes
Cooling System: Type
Cooling System Notes
Compressor: Type
Compressor Notes
Service Line: Type
Service Line Notes
Insulation: Type
Insulation Notes
Condenser Drain: Type
Condenser Drain Notes
Electric Disconnect: Type
Electric Disconnect Notes
Compressor Slab: Type
Compressor Slab Notes
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