Our rating system is as follows:
A - Acceptable: Performing its designed function at the time of inspection.
B - Borderline: Showing signs of age or partial failure.
C - Caution: Failing or fully depreciated. Replacement or further consultation with professional contractor is advised.
NP - Not Present: Does not exist or was visually concealed at the time and date of inspection.
NI - Not Inspected: Due to inaccessibility, concealment, seasonal conditions or safety concerns.

Plumbing System

Supply: Type *
Supply Notes
Waste: Type *
Waste Notes
Shut Off: Location *
Shut Off Notes
Water Pressure
Water Pressure Notes
Functional Flow
Functional Flow Notes
Type of Accessible Feed Lines & Connections *
Visible Feed & Connection Notes
Cross Connections: Type
Cross Connection Notes
Type of Accessible Drain Lines & Connections *
Visible Condition of Drain Lines & Connections Notes
Main Vent Stack: Type *
Main Vent Stack Notes
Accessible Well Equipment: Type
Accessible Well Equipment Notes
Laundry Tubs: Location
Laundry Tub Notes
Washer/Dryer Connections: Type
Washer/Dryer Connections Notes
Water Heater: Type *
Water Heater Notes
Fuel & size : Type *
Fuel & Capacity Notes
Interior Sewer Ejector Pump: Type
Interior Sewage Ejector Pump Notes
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