Exterior (Roof Observed with Binoculars)

Roof: Type *
Roof Notes
Roof Surface Material *
Roof Surface Notes
Ventilation: Type *
Ventilation Notes
Chimney: Type
Chimney Notes
Flashing: Type
Flashing Notes
Roof Penetrations: Type *
Roof Penetration Notes
Exterior Siding: Type *
Siding Notes
Exterior Trim: Type *
Exterior Trim Notes
Exterior Framing
Exterior Framing Notes
Gutters: Type
Gutter Notes
Yard & Slope *
Yard & Slope Notes
Basement Entry: Type
Basement Entry Notes
Window Wells: Type
Window Well Notes
Exterior Faucets: Type
Exterior Faucet Notes
Electric Service Entry *
Electrical Service Notes
Exterior Outlets: Type
Exterior Outlet Notes
Walkways: Type
Walkway Notes
Driveway: Type
Driveway Notes
Exterior Lighting
Exterior Lighting Notes
Front Entry: Type *
Front Entry Notes
Rear Entry: Type
Rear Entry Notes
Side Entry: Type
Side Entry Notes
Patios: Type
Patio Notes
Retaining Walls: Type
Retaining Wall Notes
Areas condusive to rot & wood boring insects
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