Catalyst Europe 2021 Cohort Application Form

Applications are due by March 21st, 2021, 12:59pm GTM+1 Europe.

Pre-selected candidates will be contacted by April 7th and invited to attend interviews (online format) on April 13th. Please book the date!

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Documents and Information you will need to include in the Application Form:

1- Questions to be filled in the questionnaire below (required fields marked with an asterisk)  //  2- Curriculum Vitae (required)  //  3- Support Letter from Supervisor (required if you need to reduce the dedication of your current activity to make it compatible. Template Here)  //  4- Reference letters (recommended)  //  5- Reference contacts (required)


Relevant information about the program - We recommend you to read carefully the following information:

Program website:

Terms & Conditions:

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Personal Information

Application Questions

The objective of these questions is to know more about you and your experiences. Remember that Catalyst will guide and train you to identify and validate unmet needs, define solutions and design new research projects with high translational potential during the program.  You are not applying with an existing project to the Catalyst program;  you are applying as a talented and passionate individual with valuable skills to make an impact in healthcare.
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Availability and Allowability

Please confirm that you are available to attend sessions on Tuesday, 3pm-6pm, May 4th through Nov 18th, 2021, that you are able to devote 15 hours / week during the program, and that you are able to travel to attend the clinical immersions and intensifications, which are full time (check the dates in Terms and Conditions). (Assuming travel restrictions due to COVID are not prohibitive of these activities; otherwise, Clinical immersion and Intensifications may be day-long virtual events) *
Applicants are encouraged to have the support of their supervisor for participating in program. Please indicate the support you estimate at this point in time. *
A limited number of funded slots are available. They provide a stipend or partial salary support. Please check here if you would like to be considered for funding. This will not affect your candidacy.
Check the details in the Terms and Conditions, specially the conditions to get the stipend, and what a Fellow Sponsor means. *


   NOTE: one of the reference contacts can be the supervisor that signed the Letter of Support (if provided).

Other Matters

Do you accept the Terms and Conditions*