IDEA² 2024 Application

Deadline: Monday, October 23, 13:00ET

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IDEA² Applications: Include 1) a project description 2) a short overview video 3) a reference letter and 4) a team member registration for each member of the team. Teams can be comprised of 1 - 6 people. 
If you create a login with your application (strongly recommended), you may return to the form at any time until applications close at 13:00ET on October 23. Clicking on the Save button saves all your entries and allows you to come back and continue later. Clicking on the Submit button will save your entries and submit your application for review. You must press submit at least once for your application to be considered by the review team.
IMPORTANT: Please, DO NOT disclose any confidential information in the application. 

With a few exceptions, the information provided will not be made public, and will be shared only with those involved in program management and delivery. The exceptions are that, for those selected to participate, we will publish your name, project titles, and short project description. 

Contact if you have any questions, or problems with the application.

Project Description

Only 1 Project description is needed per team

This project description should provide a “stand alone” statement that clearly articulates the problem you are solving (or the question you are asking). It should also indicate the approach you are taking.

We are interested in a broad range of biomedical projects. Past IDEA² projects have ranged from hypothesis-driven science seeking to better understand mechanisms underlying human disease, to the design and testing of novel technology to improve patient care.

See an example of a project description

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Pitch Video

Only 1 pitch video per team.

Please upload a short project overview video. The video should have three parts, each not more than 1 minute long:
—The unmet need your project will address
—Your proposed response to the need
—An overview of your background / your team's backgrounds

The video should not exceed 3 minutes. Don't worry about elaborate production values; the video should just capture you / your team speaking with reasonable quality. 

Pitch video title: Please follow the format [Your Team Name]_IDEA2 for your video title. [Your Team Name] should match the project title you use in the application form.

Video upload: Please upload your video on this Web page. Your video file will be available only to program organizers.


Letter of reference, invitation letter/e-mail