FORM OPEN FOR CORRECTIONS/UPDATES 6/15-6/22. Use same email/login credentials used at February submission, and edit existing applications.
NOTE: You will need to create the 'new' login credentials for each program area for each year.  If you used this form last year, you will still need to start from 'scratch' on signing up. (you can recycle user names/passwords between years and programs). Once you are signed up for a given year/program, you can add/edit multiple applications per program.
BOOKMARK THIS PAGE - for save and return to your application.  Bookmarking your actual applicaion or signign in directly at the vendor website ( will not allow you to return to the app.  You can also return here from the link on our website.
The 'save-and-return' web-form requires a user name and password which will apply to all Planning applications.   
We recommend using your email as your username
Re-use the same username/password for applications in other NCLWF programs, but you will need to create the 'new' login credentials for each program area.
Once the username and password is created, you can save and return to your application(s) in progress.
The grant submission confirmation page contains information on scheduling a virtual project review meeting with your regional Field Representative that will occur in the weeks following the grant deadline.
Applications must be submitted by midnight on the deadline, which is February 1st at midnight.

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