PCS Pre-School and Junior Kindergarten Preliminary Application Form

Thank you for starting the application process for Pre-School or Junior Kindergarten at Pacific Christian School (PCS)!
If you have any questions, please contact Chris or Lindsey in the admissions office: admissions@PacificChristian.ca or 250-479-4532 ext 142 or 143.
Please note that, as applicable, you will be asked to attach copies of pertinent reports to this form.  
You will also need to enter the email address of a clergy member at your church for a reference request.

With a vision of Educational Excellence to the Glory of God, Pacific Christian School strives to “nurture students in Christ-like living, critical thinking and joyful service to be faithful citizens in God’s world.”  Registration at PCS is open to families who are part of a Christian church and agree with the school’s religious and philosophical principles as expressed in the school society's constitution.

Are you a "new to PCS family" or do you already have child(ren) registered in other grades at PCS? *

What is your Citizenship Status (this determines Domestic/International student status): *
Please note that your citizenship status indicates that your child(ren) would be classified as International students at PCS. This will make a difference for grade K-12.
If you think you should be classified as a domestic student, please change your answer above.
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PCS Pre-School Preliminary Application Form