Shared Commitment Agreement & Statement of Faith
One copy of this form needs to be submitted per family.
Please contact the office if you have any questions.  250-479-4532.

As a school, we commit to...

  • Fulfiling our vision and purpose
  • Providing a safe, nurturing Christian environment for your child
  • Providing consistent communication regarding your child
  • Providing consistent communication regarding the school program and activities
  • Providing opportunities for involvement
  • Providing consistency in Christian values and discipline
  • Offering a listening ear to students and parents
  • Showing respect for your child and your family
  • Praying for and supporting your child and your family
  • Stewarding the resources entrusted to the school
  • Providing a Christ-centred curriculum and school program for your child

In making this application, as Parent(s)/Guardian(s), we/I commit to...

  • Supporting the school’s vision and purpose
  • Providing a quiet study environment at home
  • Providing consistent communication and attending scheduled parent-teacher meetings
  • Attending school meetings and events
  • Volunteering and supporting the school as I am/we are able
  • Supporting the values of the school by providing Christian nurture in the home
  • Seeking information and facts and resisting believing unsubstantiated rumours
  • Respecting school administrators, teachers and support staff
  • Providing prayerful support for my/our child/ren and the school
  • Honouring the financial commitment for my/our child/ren’s education
  • Encouraging regular church attendance and involvement for our whole family
  • Prayerfully giving financially within our means to ensure the long term sustainability of the ministry of PCS

Confirming Signature

Please indicate your support for the following statements by signing below: 

  • I/We are enroling our child/ren at Pacific Christian School because of our desire that our child/ren receive a Christ-centered education.
  • I/We and our child/ren will support and abide by the policies, guidelines and behavioural expectations of Pacific Christian School, as outlined in the school handbooks and other school documents.
  • As far as we are able, my/our family’s lifestyle is consistent with belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

We/I declare that we/I have read and fully support the VCES Constitution and the PCS Elementary/Secondary Handbook(s).  Further, we/I agree to fully support the shared commitments described above.

Signature: *
PCS Shared Commitment Agreement / Statement of Faith