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James H. Davis is remembered, in part, for his role as a respected tree farm owner and member of the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association (FNGLA). A generous gift to the National Horticulture Foundation (NHF) from his estate was used to establish the James H. Davis Scholarship Fund, which supports education in the horticulture industry through scholarship awards to deserving students on an annual basis. James Davis was the founder and owner of Davis Tree Farm from 1978 until his death in May 1995.
As an FNGA member, he actively served his association through committee and trade show activities and dedication to his industry. Davis Tree Farm is a recipient of the prestigious FNGLA Grower of the Year award. It is hoped that the James H. Davis Memorial Scholarship will give students the opportunity to develop into a new generation of dedicated individuals for the horticulture industry of tomorrow.
Purpose Statement
The James H. Davis Memorial Scholarship fund was created to encourage students to pursue careers in Florida’s horticulture industry and related pursuits by providing financial assistance for undergraduate, postgraduate, or other advanced education programs in Florida. The intent is to provide career paths for qualified students in need of financial support to gain expertise and experience, earn post-high school degrees, and become active members and leaders in the horticulture industry. This scholarship program is linked to apprenticeship mentoring, employment, and advanced educational opportunities both during and after the student has graduated.
Applicant must be an incoming freshman, sophomore, junior, senior planning to attend a community college, college, university or other program in Florida.  If attending an institution outside of Florida, apply through the NHF General Scholarship Application. 
The student must enroll full-time in a horticulture program or related field with the intent to graduate in that field. A 2.0 (C) or above grade point average is required of the applicant. Award recipients are eligible to reapply for scholarships annually.
Scholarship Awards
Students must return all of the following to the National Horticulture Foundation by the required deadline of January 15th annually. (Recipients will be notified in April annually of their award amount.)
Return completed application and attachments to:
BY MAIL: James H. Davis Memorial Scholarship, National Horticulture Foundation, 1533 Park Center Drive, Orlando, FL 32835 (Downloadable application is available on the National Horticulture Foundation website.) Students must provide a complete application with the below items.
ELECTRONICALLY:  Students must provide a complete application with the below items.
1. Completed scholarship application
2. High school or college transcripts (can be forwarded by institution, but must received before deadline)
3. Essay (see page 4) 
4. Two letters of recommendation (see page 4)

Student Information

What is your marital status? *
Please indicate at which of the following addresses you wish to be notified of award selections. *
What will be your class status for upcoming Fall Semester? *
Please indicate if you have applied for admission or are already enrolled.


Academic Records

Student Expenses

Although financial need is not the sole basis for scholarship award decisions, it is considered in the overall evaluation of the applicant. Please list your anticipated annual expenses for the upcoming school year using the following items and calculate the total at the bottom of the section. Additional space is provided to explain additional expenses.

Student Income

Please list your annual income in this section and calculate the total at the bottom.  
Other Scholarship/Grant Income, please list
Aid from Other Sources, please list

Attached Documents Required

I certify that all parts of the application and required attachments are correct and true. I understand that if any part of provided information is found to be false at any time, it may result in disqualification from or revocation of award. I also understand that if I am awarded a scholarship as a result of this application, my name will be published and announced at the NHF Board of Directors’ discretion. *