International Fellow Award Nomination
Thank you for your interest in submitting a nomination for the International Fellow Award. International Fellows are active members of the Society (for 10 or more years) who have been nominated by other active members to receive the honor, recommended by the Fellows Committee, and elected by the SWS Board of Directors. 
The International Fellow Award is presented to an internationally outstanding wetland scientist for distinguished contributions to the field of wetland science and for fostering the aims of the SWS within their own country and abroad. Except for extraordinary circumstances, candidates should live and work outside of the United States. A nomination letter, two supporting letters and a resume are required for each nomination
Submission site closes: Monday, February 24, 2020
Award notification by: Monday, March 16, 2020
Announcement at Annual Meeting in Quebec City, Canada at the RE3 Conference June 7-11, 2020
Please note: Letters of support should be uploaded in this form.  
Should you have any questions about the Fellow Award, please contact Siobhan Fennessey at or Suzanna Hogendorn at
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