Guest Verification Form

Travelers Information: It is essential that your names and birth dates are an EXACT match to your legal identification that each guest is using to travel. Please be viewing your passports or Driver's License when completing this form.

WFT Recommends
  • All travelers should obtain passports if traveling outside of the US, including children
  • All passengers should purchase Travel Insurance 
  • All guests should review their confirmation for accuracy and cancellation policies prior to depositing.  Only the passenger will be able to recognize if there is an error on names and birth dates.
  • WFT is not a seller of insurance and can only provide broad insurance coverage information.  Guests interested in purchasing travel insurance should read the insurance policy provided by the travel supplier.
  • Only the travelers are permitted to complete the online cruise check-in, cruise contract signatures, or print air boarding passes
I have reviewed and accept the Terms, Conditions, Cancellation & Change Policies for the travel supplier(s) and Wishes Family Travel Terms & Conditions. *
After reviewing the Terms, Conditions, Cancellation & change policies *
Please sign here and submit *
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