Energy and Water Building Performance Ordinance Exemption Request

Building owners wishing to claim an exemption from the benchmarking requirements of the San José Energy and Water Building Performance Ordinance (BPO) must complete the following form and upload supporting evidence to demonstrate a property’s eligibility for exemption. Upon receipt, you will be contacted within two weeks regarding the status of your request.
A separate exemption request is required for each building covered by the San José Energy and Water Building Performance Ordinance. All exemptions must be submitted prior to the reporting deadline and are valid for one reporting period. 

Questions can be submitted to our Help Desk at
For more information visit: 

Please note, if you are seeking exemption from Beyond Benchmarking requirements, you must visit the Beyond Benchmarking webpage to fill out the Beyond Benchmarking specific exemption form.

Please note, exemption from the BPO does not guarantee exemption from CA AB 802. For more information, visit:

Owner Contact Information

Owner information is required.
If you are not the owner but you are the primary contact for this building, please fill out the owner information in this section and then select "No" when responding to the "Is the Building Owner the Primary Contact?" question to enter your contact information into the Primary Contact Information section. 

Primary Contact Information

If the buildings' primary contact differs from the owner contact, all fields in this section are required. If you are only submitting owner contact information, please change your selection for 'Is the Building Owner the Primary Contact?' above. 

Exemption Options

   Ensure your ID is entered in the correct format, with dashes, otherwise the request will not be accepted.
   San José Building ID - This is a unique code assigned to your building's address. You can find your building ID using the Building ID Search.
Reason(s) for benchmarking exemption:
Please select the most applicable option. *
I have confirmed my building's zoning. Public GIS Layers- Zoning 
  • If your zone is IP (industrial Park)- Confirm that over 50% of the gross floor area is used for exclusively industrial, manufacturing or research and design.
  • Attach supporting documentation, such as a floor plan and a description of the building operations, to this exemption request.
  • Please note that Plan Development (PD) zones can only receive annual exemptions.


Sign below to verify the information you have provided is true and accurate. Misrepresenting any information in these documents may lead to a rejection of the request, a violation of City codes, and may result in a fine. *