Building Exemption/Waiver Application for Montgomery County Benchmarking Law
Complete this form by May 1st of the deadline year, if your building is exempt from the County's Benchmarking Law, or you need to apply for a waiver.
One property per form. One form per benchmarking year.
In order to be considered, you must use the link below to upload documentation that supports your claim of exemption.
If you are attempting to file a waiver or exemption for previous years, please contact

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Exemption / Waiver Details

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Exemptions apply to buildings in which more than 10% of the building is used for public assembly in a building without walls; or, warehousing; or, self storage; or, a use classified as manufacturing and industrial or transportation communication, and utilities.
Waivers apply to buildings that are in financial distress; or, had average physical occupancy of less than 50% throughout the calendar year for which benchmarking is required; or, is a new construction and received its certificate of use and occupancy during the calendar year for which benchmarking is required.
Please use the Additional Information about Exemptions/Waivers box to provide details about your request, if needed.
Type of Exemption Requested:
More than 10% of the total property square footage is used for one of the following (please select the largest exemption use type applicable for your building): *
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I affirm I am the owner or the owner’s representative of the building covered by the Montgomery County Benchmarking Law. I affirm that I have not falsified, concealed, or covered up by any trick, scheme, or device a material fact related to the request for exemption/waiver from the Benchmarking Law. *