Colorado Energy Office's
Building Performance Colorado Benchmarking Program
Waiver / Exemption Form

Building Performance Colorado (BPC) is the Colorado Energy Office’s statewide benchmarking program aimed at increasing energy efficiency and decreasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the building sector across Colorado. This program was created as a result of House Bill 21-1286 and requires owners of large commercial, multifamily, and public buildings 50,000 square feet or larger to annually benchmark their whole-building energy use to the Colorado Energy Office.

As permitted in House Bill 21-1286, a building owner may seek a waiver (a one time reprieve from the current reporting year) or an exemption (a permanent removal from the program) from the benchmarking requirements if the owner submits proper documentation to and receives approval from, the Colorado Energy Office. Please complete this form by May 15th.

If you believe your building qualifies for a waiver or exemption from Building Performance Colorado, you need to submit one of these forms per property. 

  • If your waiver is approved, you will need to pay the $100 annual benchmarking fee. Once that fee is paid, then your building will be considered in compliance for the current reporting year and no further action is needed until the next reporting year. Waivers are only valid for one reporting year
  • If your exemption request is approved, your building will be removed from this program. An exemption is only applicable to buildings that meet the specific reasons stated below and are proven with proper documentation.
    • An exemption will remove your building from the program. However, if that building’s property type changes (i.e., a manufacturing space gets converted into an office space), the building owner will be required to notify the Colorado Energy Office of that property type change within six months and that building may then be required to benchmark. 

After you submit your waiver or exemption form, your request will be reviewed by the Colorado Energy Office (within 10-14 business days), and you will receive an official email notification from Building Performance Colorado stating your request has been either approved or denied, or a request for more information. If a building owner does not respond to a request for more information within 2 weeks, that waiver or exemption request will automatically be denied and an owner must submit a new request for consideration. 

Need Help? Please visit the BPC website for more information, or contact the Building Performance Colorado Help Center if you have any questions. 

Contact Information

Building Owner Information

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Exemption / Waiver Details

I am Requesting:
A Waiver
Apply for a waiver if the building is unable to report whole-building energy usage from the previous year by the annual deadline due to a circumstance that applied to the building during the previous year. Select "Waiver" to view the list of approved scenarios. 
An Exemption
Apply for an exemption if the building should not be required to report the previous years usage. Select "Exemption" to view the list of approved scenarios. 
Type of Waiver Requested: *
Type of Financial Hardship: *
Type of Exemption Requested: * 🛈

Supporting Documents

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Financial Hardship Waiver Supporting File Type *
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I affirm I am the owner or the owner’s representative of the building covered by Colorado’s House Bill 21-1286. I affirm that I have not falsified or concealed any information related to this waiver/exemption request. *