City of Miami Building Efficiency 305 Exemption Request Form

  • Any entity or owner requesting an exemption from benchmarking shall submit an annual benchmarking exemption request form to the director by April 1 in the year for which the exemption is being requested.
  • Any exemption granted will be limited to the benchmarking submission for which the request was made and does not extend to past or future submittals.
  • Appeal of a determination that a property is not exempt shall be made within 15 days of such determination to a review committee comprised of the director of the departments of resilience and public works (or the supervisor of plats in lieu thereof), zoning, and planning, the director, and an assistant city manager as designated by the city manager. The review committee, acting by majority vote, shall either affirm the director's denial or reverse his/her denial and grant the requested exemption.

  • Official ordinance text can be found here. Any denial of exemption may be appealed as provided for in Section 10-153(d) of the City Code.

Owner Contact Information

Owner information is required.
If you are not the owner but you are the primary contact for this building, please fill out the owner information in this section and then select "No" when responding to the "Is the Building Owner the Primary Contact?" question to enter your contact information into the Primary Contact Information section. 
If owned by a corporation, association, or a group of individuals, please put N/A for 'First Name' and 'Last Name' and continue filling in the remainder of the form fields.

Primary Contact Information

If the building's primary contact differs from the owner contact, all fields in this section are required. If you are only submitting owner contact information, please change your selection for 'Is the Building Owner the Primary Contact?' above. 

Building Information

Exemption Options

Miami Building ID - This is a unique code assigned to the building. If you need help determining your ID, please consult this building ID lookup tool
Benchmarking is not required for a covered public property for the current reporting year if the owner submits documentation to the director establishing that the property has met one of the following conditions: *
Benchmarking is not required for a covered private property for the current reporting year if an owner submits documentation with the director in such form and with such evidence as required by the director establishing that the property has met one of the following conditions: *
Please attach supporting documentation to demonstrate eligibility for the exemption(s) indicated in this form (if applicable).


Sign below to verify the information you have provided is true and accurate. Misrepresenting any information in these documents may lead to a rejection of the request and may result in a fine. *