ABRET Credential Management

Welcome to the new ABRET Credential Management (ACM) system!
The ABRET website is currently undergoing a re-design.
Until that is complete, please reference this guide for applications and recertifications.

How do I use it?

Applying for an Examination

The ABRET Credential Management system allows candidates to select your exam and Pathway option prior to logging into your account.

Step 1

Hover over the For Candidates drop-down menu and select the appropriate credential.

Do not log in through the main ABRET homepage.

Step 2

Once a credential has been selected, click on the Apply Here Window

Step 3

Here you will find a description for each eligibility Pathway. Once a Pathway is chosen, click on the Apply for Pathway button.

Step 4

If you have already created an account in the ACM (Certemy), you may login here. If you have not, click the correct response.

Step 5

The new application you selected will automatically appear in your account portal. Applications will show on the left-hand side, and a checklist for each one will show on the right-hand side.
Here you will also find your Digital Wallet. This is where your uploaded documents will be stored as well as a PDF copy of your certificate once earned.
A helpful user guide which includes videos on the platform may be accessed here as well.

Step 6

To complete a checklist item, simply click on the section you want to complete. If this item requires an upload, click Upload Evidence Document. Click Submit once completed.
The small green circle will then fill to show that the checklist item has been completed or is pending review.
Once all items have been submitted, you are eligible to test!

Recertifying Your Credential

Credential holders can now upload CEUs as they earn them!

Step 1

Login to your ABRET Credential Management account on the ABRET homepage at www.abret.org.

Step 2

Your ABRET credentials will be listed on the left-hand side. Once selected, the corresponding checklist will appear on the right-hand side.
Click on a checklist item to complete it.

Step 3

How do I add my continuing education as I earn it?
Click on the Continuing Education checklist item. Here you will see the following:
1. How many CEUs remaining to complete your recertification
2. How many CEUs you have submitted and are pending review
3. How many CEUs have been reviewed and accepted by ABRET
4. Where to add your CEUs as you earn them

Step 4

Once your recertification has been completed, a PDF copy of your certificate will be available in your Digital Wallet. A physical certificate will be mailed out within 3-5 business days depending on the volume received.
Questions? We're here to help! Please contact us at (217) 726-7980.