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Petition of Eligibility for EEG Examination
Use this form if:

1. You have structured formal training in neurodiagnostics, but have not earned a degree (you must show additional prerequisites outlined in the petition chart).

2. You can substantiate education equivalent to at least an associate's degree (foreign medical degree or vocational education in the field of healthcare).

3. You have a combination of college credits and medical experience.

*"Structured" is defined as any organized learning institution or program that has defined class work, core instruction, and measurable outcomes. On the job training is NOT considered structured learning.

Your Information

Employment Information

EEG Education

Did you have didactic (classroom) training?
Did you have clinical training with a supervisor?
Did you participate in monitoring sessions with a senior technologist?
Did you participate in case review sessions with a physician?
Were you required to take a final exam at the end of the training period?
Were you able to perform EEG recordings independently?

Neurodiagnostic Education

Years of experience in neurodiagnostics: *
EEGs Recorded: *
EEGs Performed: *
Indicate any of the following procedures you have personally performed: *

Candidates petitioning for eligibility must submit the following with this petition: (self-check off list)

A $15.00 fee is required for submission and review of this form *
*continue to the next page for submission and fee.
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