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ABRET EEG Laboratory Renewal Form

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Renewing EEG Laboratory Accreditation requires the following:

  • Compliance with ACNS Guidelines and ABRET Accreditation Standards documented by signature with evidence of compliance in submitted recordings.
  • Submission of three EEGs (no LTM, ECI, or ambulatory recordings) selected by LAB-EEG for evaluation. Data should be de-identified and encrypted, according to institutional policy.
  • Submission of a $700 accreditation fee payable to ABRET. Visa and MasterCard accepted.
  • Submission of the required documentation and EEGs prior to the end of the epiration year.


  • To keep accredited labs aware of the expectations and standards.
  • To provide feedback on any changes that may affect accreditation status with suggested actions to maintain compliance.

Submission requirements:

  • Attachments must be appropriately labeled.
  • Please send one copy of each of the requested documents and EEG data, including patient histories, on digital media (CD, DVD, USB/flash drive) to the ABRET Office.
  • If you would like to upload your data electronically to a secure HIPAA-compliant server versus sending these items by mail, please contact the ABRET office for a link. 

Reaccreditation Form for LAB-EEG Programs

For any yes responses, include documentation/policies.
Since your accreditation, has your EEG Laboratory made any changes to the following and if so, please submit copies of your updated policies & procedures:
Relationship between the laboratory and the hospital?
Scope of EEG services?

In regard to your laboratory services, please answer the following questions:
Has your laboratory discontinued any services?
Does your laboratory plan to add any new services?

Have there been any changes to the following policies and procedures? If yes, please submit copies.
Staffing for technical personnel?
Testing Procedures?
Data collection procedures?
Has the staff changed in the past five years? If yes, submit a list of current staff.
Has there been a change in the Medical Director? If yes, send contact information and a copy of his/her license.
Does at least one of your current staff members hold an R. EEG T. credential?
Do you routinely record video with your EEGs?
Does your lab perform ambulatory EEG?

Examination Data

Report the total number of routine EEG procedures performed on an annual basis over the past five years:

2019     -     53
 YearRoutine EEGs


I have read the ACNS Guidelines that pertain to EEG and the ABRET Expected Technical Standards for Records and that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, our EEG Laboratory complies with the Guidelines and Standards.

Reaccreditation applications received by ABRET after the initial accreditation has lapsed are not eligible to use this form to reestablish accreditation.
All renewal documents and EEG records must be received by December 31 the year of expiration.
A fee of $700.00 is due with submission of the LAB-EEG Renewal Form *
Mail your check to:
ABRET Executive Office
111 E. University Dr., Ste. 105–355
Denton, TX 76209

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