Measurement Registration Form

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Who is the EEG Practice Track for?

Pathway III Candidates
Those who hold a minimum of an Associates Degree.
Pathway IV Candidates
Those who are currently working in EEG
and have been doing so for a minimum of five years.

The Assessment

  • During this section, you will have 30 minutes to complete measurements on a Sam mannequin. No papers, books or notecards are allowed in the exam room. 
  • You must use the markers provided. Scratch paper, pencils, and tape measures are provided. If you mark on the Sam head with a marker other than the one supplied, you will be charged for any damage to the mannequin head.
  • Mark your landmarks. In order to pass, you must mark these 6 points clearly.  FPZ, OZ, both pre-auricular points, nasion, and inion.
Candidate Handbook
Measurement Assessment Information


  • Complete this form and pay the $50 online fee

  • A government ID must be provided upon check-in for verification.

  • Each candidate will register for one, 30-minute time slot.

  • A pass/fail grade will be sent via text message within 90 minutes of completing an exam.
  • If a failing grade is received, candidates have two options:
    1. Opt to retake the exam the same day*
    2. Select a different location and re-apply using this form

    *Re-take availability and time may vary by location
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