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Recertification Form

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If your credential is expiring on December 31, 2018, please wait until February 1, 2018 to submit your recertification. This allows all "In-Grace" credential holders time to submit their late recertification for 2017.
Thank you!

Please continue ONLY if your credential expires in 2018.

If your credential expires in 2019 or later, please wait and submit your recertification in the year your credential expires.
If you are unsure of your credential information please view our online verification page.
Please select any other ABRET credential(s) that you currently hold:

Midpoint Part II Only

Complete only if you have previously submitted a Midpoint Part I.
If you have not completed a Midpoint Part I prior to 2015, please wait until the year your credential expires to complete your recertification.

How many CEUs do I need to submit?

R. EEG T. & R. EP T. Midpoint Part II:

30 CEUs

Continuing Education Requirements

How many CEUs must I submit for Recertification?

R. EEG T.  &  R. EP T.:

Currently hold a 5 year certificate - 30 CEUs
Currently hold a 10 year certificate - 60 CEUs


5 year certificate - 50 CEUs


5 year certificate - 50 CEUs 


5 year certificate - 15 CEUs 

  • Education hours are credited on a 1:1 basis. One hour of education (contact) equals one education credit.
  • Credential-specific education would include department inservices, review courses, local, state, regional or national professional meetings, journal reviews earning ACE credits through ASET (journal reviews may count for no more than half of the required hours), covering topics directly related to the credential you are recertifying. Any educational format where appropriate content is the focus will be accepted. Persons presenting a lecture may count the lecture hour(s) as continuing education, as long as this activity is not related to employment as an educator.
  • When renewing more than one credential, continuing education may overlap if obtained within the appropriate time frame, but must pertain to each credential and be documented appropriately on the accepted form.
  • Verification of participation in continuing education may be required by ABRET. Records should be maintained by the technologist.
  • Technologists should notify ABRET of any address or name change.
  • All required forms and fee should be submitted prior to the expiration date, in the year the certification expires.
  • When a technologist’s credential expires, recredentialing is required to reclaim certification.
  • When a technologist fails to renew his/her credential, they are not eligible to legally claim certification. 

Education Documentation

CEUs not earned through ASET must be documented separately on the Education Documentation Form.
Do not include course certificates.

Since earning my credential, or since my last recertification period, I have remained in compliance with the ABRET Code of Ethics. *
Recertification Fee *
Recertification Fee
I have completed the minimum continuing education hours required and understand that providing false information on this form may result in suspension or revocation of my certification. *
*Recertification is not complete until payment is submitted on the next page.
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