ABRET Executive Office

ABRET Reimbursement Form

ABRET Reimbursement Guidelines

Directors and LAB members will be reimbursed for expenses related ABRET business as outlined in ABRET Policy TRE-3.


ABRET will reimburse the cost of a hotel room at a designated location.

Directors are encouraged to room together or with other ABRET associates at a designated location whenever practical.


Directors are reimbursed for meals on travel and business days at a rate of $45/day plus gratuity.


Directors are reimbursed for appropriate travel expenses, including airfare or mileage, taxi service and parking. Airfare over $500 should be discussed with the executive office prior to purchase. Directors are encouraged to utilize ABRET’s travel service. 


ABRET will cover the fees for checking one bag with the airline.

Exceptions to the reimbursement guidelines must be discussed and approved in advance.

Appropriate receipts must accompany the reimbursement requests. A record of mileage must be included when requesting reimbursement for travel by car.   

ABRET will not reimburse for expenses incurred by non-ABRET individuals.

(Do NOT include a comma with any amount below (Example: $1234.56)                         
Approved Mileage/Airfare                              

Meals (Combine meal amount for each day)

Lodging (List roommate if applicable)           

Misc. Expenses/Description                          

If able, please combine multiple receipts into a single copy.

Payments will not be remitted until receipts are received
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