2020 Travel Club - France Wine and Culture River Cruise - Hosted by Theresa & Gary Your Vacation Specialists

2020 France Wine & Culture River Cruise w/TravelPerks

This form is to allow you to provide Dream Vacations Travelperks with your exact traveler information in an easy to follow format.  Use of this form is 100% optional as we are always happy to talk with you and collect this information by phone or in person.
All of our agents are happy to help you with this wonderful tour.  Theresa Graham, one of your hosts, will be working with you once your reservation is complete.  You can reach Theresa at t.graham@dreamvacations.com or 541-349-0036 x201

Please ENTER FULL LEGAL Information (as it appears on your passport) for each traveler. No nicknames, initials, etc. unless that is how it appears on your travel documents (passports, etc.). You can use this form for up to 2 travelers. If reserving more then one room, please complete the form and then complete additional forms as needed.


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