BCA Early Childhood Program Application

Please submit the following documents with your completed application. Admission Requirements:

Non-Refundable $125.00 Application Fee 
• * Automatic Draft Form Completed
• * Tuition Agreement Form
• A copy of your student’s birth certificate
• An updated copy of Certificate of Immunization Compliance Form #121
• Health/Medical Care Plan and/or Allergy Plan (if applicable)

Admission is contingent upon space availability and favorable Play-based Observations results. Continued enrollment is contingent upon: satisfactory academic progress, acceptable conduct, upstanding business office transactions, cooperation with school policy and procedures and general decorum. I agree to comply with the rules and regulations of Brown Christian Academy regarding fees, attendance, health, clothing, and other items as specified in the Parent/Student Handbook. The information contained in the Parent/Student Handbook as well as the tuition rates are subject to change. BCA administrative staff will notify parents in writing of any changes. By signing this document, I agree to honor all terms of the contract and the written policies of Brown Christian Academy, now and in the future. Breach of this agreement in any way by the parent or student, may result in immediate termination of services. I understand the terms of this application and certify to the best of my knowledge that the information provided is accurate.

Parent Signature: *
*Not due until child has been admitted to Brown Christian Academy.
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