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1. The Basics

Options to Check Savings

Simple Invoice Upload (Easiest and Best Option!)

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You can Fax invoice to 888-758-2122

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Quick check on a few items
More Than 5 Items to Quote:
Just upload or fax an invoice above!  
You can even just send the actual item data.  We don't need anything else to quote it for you.
For most restaurant purchasers, this is the easiest approach and it's more accurate in terms of the rates.

4. Current Coverage (optional)

What to Expect:
Complete Proposal - Usually received within 24-48 hours (business hours 9am-5pm Monday-Friday) of form submittal.
It will include:
Invoice Match - shows your ACTUAL invoice with group purchasing savings.  Real purchases.  Real dollars! 
Our Analysis - in the email, we'll target specific options that offer a cost/benefit value based on extensive experience in the hospitality market and explain how to get the most out of these.  Our services are 100% FREE to you.  Zero cost.  
Let us get to work!  Let's find the best savings on food and/or supply purchases.

Save & Return

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