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Castalia Wines™  will arrange for shipping to California addresses on request. See details on your order confirmation page after making your wine payment, BUT:

For shipments to all other states you must arrange shipping yourself.  Contact me for shipper information, as only specific shippers can be used to ship wine. Be aware that shipping to a business address is much cheaper than to a residence.

NOTE that PA and UT are State controlled and require that the customer make special arrangements with the State.

The wine is insured for $100; additional insurance is $1.00 per $100. Your wine will be insured for the full amount of your order unless you specify otherwise.

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Purchases shipped to AK, CO, IA, MN, MO, NM, OR, and WI do not require the addition of sales tax. If you are ordering wine to be shipped to these states, please check the "No Tax" button below. If you are ordering wine to be shipped to or received in California or any other state, you must select the "Add Tax" button below

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