Adult Leader Position Specific Training Record

Course #:   V21                             Course Title:  Varsity Coach


Training Tasks Required

Training Reference required: *
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Varsity Scout Guidebook
Aims  and Methods of Scouting
 Date Completed:Trainer Initials:
Describe the three aims of Scouting.
Describe the eight methods of Scouting.
Explain how each of the eight methods support the three aims of Scouting.
Varsity Scouting Fields of Emphasis
 Date Completed:Trainer's Initials:
Describe the five Varsity fields of emphasis.
Describe the purpose and benefit of each of the five fields of emphasis.
Varsity Team Organization
 Date CompletedTrainer's Inititals:
Describe the basic organizational structure of a Varsity team.
Describe the relationship between teams and squads in the Varsity team.
Describe the individual duties and responsibilities of the youth members of the Varsity team.
Describe the individual duties and responsibilities of the adult members of the Varsity team.
Describe the relationship of duties and responsibilities between youth and adult members of the team.
Team Meeting
 Date Completed:Trainers Initials:
Describe the six components of a Varsity team meeting.
Describe the importance and benefit of the team meeting plan.
Describe the purpose and conduct of the six distinct parts of the team meeting.
Describe the Coach’s role in the troop meeting.
Annual Planning
 Date Completed:Trainers Initials:
Describe the purpose and importance of developing a viable Annual Team Plan.
Describe the importance and purpose of integrating the five fields of emphasis into the annual planning process.
Describe the responsibilities of youth program managers and adult program advisors in the planning process.

Trainer Certification

The above name individual has successfully complete Cub Scout Den Leader and Assistant Specific Training (C41 / C42)
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