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20th Anniversary Celebration
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A processing fee of $10 will be added to the EPE Anniversary Pass and a $2 processing fee will be added to the Miami Pre-Cruise Excursion.


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Guests may purchase their EPE Anniversary Pass before they book their cruise. If you already booked your cruise, please list your cabin type and cabin mate(s), if any. If you have not booked your cruise, please note it and send and email once you have booked your cruise.
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CABIN MATES: Please list the name(s) of your cabin mates, if applicable. 


Guests will be provided a name badge to wear during events. Please provide the name, in the format provided. This is the name you would like to be addressed as in public. Profile names, pet names, or screen-like names will not be accepted. If unapproved names are used, your first name (only) will be used, instead.



Important Notice
Before you register and make any payments, PLEASE ensure that you read EPE's Statement of Understanding (SOU) to avoid future conflicts. It is each guest's responsibility to ensure they are aware of the policies prior to booking and that they will adhere to them. Guest must also pay the Online Processing Fee to cover any service charges. Guests must also provide initials to acknowledge they have read the EPE Terms.
Guests must read the Statement of Understanding and be familiar with all terms. *
Guest acknowledge that their cabin mate(s) must also complete their own Registration Form. If you are a SINGLE occupancy, click the acknowledgement to continue. * 
You should receive an Invoice within 7 days of completing your registration and paying your deposit.


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