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Pride Ski 2018
Registration & Payment Form


NOTE: Each guest must complete a registration form. If guest's room mate(s) fail to complete a registration form it may hold up the registration process or cause additional fees. This does not apply to single occupancy guests. Thank you.


EPE will provide coach bus service from one of the designated departure cities. It is the guests' responsibility to make it to one of the cities for departure. Guests may opt to drive to the resort. If guest provides their own transportation to the resort, no refund or deduction will be provided. 
Choose Departure City *


The Event Rate is based on your resort selection and includes transportation to/from the ski resort, lodging at the resort, as well as published amenities and activities. 
Guests purchasing a room/suite DO NOT need to purchase a Day Pass. Day Passes are for guests not requiring transportation or lodging and are only participating in activities.
ROOM MATES: Do NOT list your name. Only list your room mate(s) name, if applicable. If you do not list your room mate, it may hold up your registration and could cause a change in your rate when the room mate does book. Each room mate must register and pay their own deposit.
Please Assign A Room Mate 
Special Needs


Guests will be provided a name badge to wear during events. Please provide the name, in the format provided. This is the name you would like to be addressed as in public. Profile names, pet names, or online screen-like names will not be accepted. If you do not follow the format, your first name (only) will be used, instead.


Area Ski Representatives: ONLY choose an ASR if they referred you or worked directly with you. Do not choose an ASR because they are listed in your Departure City


IMPORTANT NOTE: Payment is final and subject to Statement of Understanding for refunds and cancellations. Online Processing Fee is included in final payment amount.   
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Day Pass (Does NOT include Lodging, Transportation, or Meals)
Submitting Registration Form 


Important Notice
Before you register and make any payments, PLEASE ensure that you read EPE's Statement of Understanding (SOU) to avoid future conflicts. It is each guest's responsibility to ensure they are aware of the policies prior to booking and that they will adhere to them. Guests must also provide initials to acknowledge they have read the EPE terms.
Guests must read the Statement of Understanding and be familiar with all terms. *
It is guest responsibility to ensure their room mate(s) register, pay, and are adhering to guidelines. I understand if room mate(s) does not do this, it may cause me to be assessed fees, assigned to room with other guests, or cancelled. * 
Guest will not receive their Invoice until their room mate(s) have registered and paid. After 1 day, if room mate(s) still has not complied you will be assigned to another guest, as a room mate and your cost may increase. * 
You should receive an Invoice within 5 days of completing your registration and paying your deposit.


Current Deposit Total:
IMPORTANT: ALL PAYMENTS ARE FINAL. If the payment is being paid by someone other than the person on this registration form, you must immediately notify EPE once the payment has been made. Once the payment is made you MUST email pdpops@ebonypyramidonline.com and inform EPE the payment made under your name should be applied to another guest. Failure to notify EPE will cause this registration to be held up or the funds applied directly to the account of the person making the payment.