Ebony Pyramid Entertainment
25th Anniversary Cruise
Registration & Deposit Form


NOTE: Each guest must complete a registration form. If guest's room/cabin mate(s) fail to complete a registration form it may hold up the registration process or cause additional fees. This does not apply to single occupancy guests. Thank you.


ROOM MATE(S): Do NOT list your name. Guests must be registered at the Host Hotel in order to use their EPE Anniversary Pass. EPE will only recognized Single or Double Occupancy for EPE Anniversary Pass. Third (Triple) and Fourth (Quad) guests in the cabin will be required to pay an additional $40 per person (Does not apply to first two guests). Each room mate must register and pay for their own pass.


Guest must book their cruise through the EPE booking agents. EPE has the same booking system as Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL) and can offer the same rates and in some cases better rates. If a guest books outside EPE and wish to purchase an EPE Anniversary Pass they will be required to pay an additional $150.
It is STRONGLY recommended you book with EPE to avoid an additional $150 Outside Booking Fee. Below select your cabin type and occupancy. See EPE Pricing Chart to see estimated prices and to help you select the cabin type, categories, insurance rates, and cabin locations.
Qualifiers (Special Offers) 🛈
CABIN PREFERENCE: To assist the EPE Travel Agent select your cabin, below you can choose the location of your cabin. Remember your cabin location is based on the type and category. PLEASE NOTE: Your selection is a preference and not a guarantee, althoug EPE will do it's best to meet your request.
CABIN MATE(S): Do NOT list your name. Only list your cabin mate(s) name, if applicable. If you do not list your room mate, it may hold up your registration and could cause a change in your pass rate when the room mate does book. Each room mate must register and pay for their own pass.
DINING ROOM SEATING: For the EPE Family Dinner (Late Dinning at 8:15pm) all EPE guests will be seated together. If you have a cabin mate(s) you will be placed at the same table. If you have friends cruising in the EPE group and would like to be seated with them, list their names (legal names) below. EPE will do its best to try and seat your selected guests with you. Your selected guests must be booked within the same week for EPE to accommodate this request. DO NOT LIST YOUR NAME OR CABIN MATE(s) NAME(s).


Guests will be provided a name badge to wear during events. Please provide the name, in the format provided. This is the name you would like to be addressed as in public. Profile names, pet names, or online screen-like names will not be accepted. If you do not follow the format, your first name (only) will be used.


Anniversary Pass Level is based on the number of Ebony Pyramid Entertainment travel events a guest has attended. This means you must have been booked with EPE to receive credit for the event and EPE has an extensive record and will verify to ensure guests receive the proper level. To see a list of past qualifying events, go to Events History.
Select the years below that apply to your EPE travel. *


IMPORTANT NOTE: All guests must purchase an EPE Anniversary Pass for entry and participation in EPE activities. All rates are based on per person. 
EPE Anniversary Pass - GENERAL (0 - 3 Events)
EPE Anniversary Pass - Legacy: BRONZE (4 - 6 Events & Past Staff/Entertainers)
EPE Anniversary Pass - Legacy: SILVER (7 - 9 Events & Past King/Queen)
EPE Anniversary Pass - Legacy: GOLD (10 or More Events)


Ebony Pyramid Entertainment (EPE) Travel Agency will book your cruise based on the information selected on this form. Within three (3) days of paid deposit, you will receive your Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL) booking confirmation and a seperate EPE Invoice covering your cruise rate, Anniversary Pass, and any other charges.
The information provided on this form is the same information you would be asked if you speak with one of our travel agents. If you would like to book with a live agent for a $25 fee, you must ensure you have completed this registration form completely and submitted your deposit. To schedule an appointment to book your cruise, go to the 25th Anniversary Booking Scheduler (will open in a separate window). As a reminder and if you want to avoid the Live Booking Fee of $25, there is a Frequently Asked Questions page that may address any concerns and know that the same questions asked are the ones on this form that you must complete before a scheduled call will be confirmed. To take advantage of this service you must have fully completed this registration form and submitted your deposit. You must also ensure if you have cabin mates, they have done the same. If not, your appointment request will not be processed.
You may always submit your questions to our 25th Anniversary Contact Us Page before you complete your registration for a response to your specific question or concerns.
Booking Choice


Ebony Pyramid Entertainment (EPE) Travel Agency HAS BEEN APPROVED AS A Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL) Uplift agency. Uplift allows guests to book now, cruise now, and pay over time. 
EPE Uplift information can be found on the EPE website (click this link to open page in new tab). To take advantage of this offer, you must complete this process with EPE, complete this registration form, and pay the required Non-Refundable deposit. Once registration is complete and deposit is paid, guest must go to the 25th Anniversary Booking Scheduler (will open in a separate window) to schedule an appointment. If not approved, and guests wants to continue booking, $25 will be applied to the 25th Anniversary Pass. 
Uplift Credit Option


Important Notice
Before you register and make any payments, PLEASE ensure that you read EPE's Statement of Understanding (SOU) to avoid future conflicts. It is each guest's responsibility to ensure they are aware of the policies prior to booking and that they will adhere to them. Registration and payment will imply consent of the SOU. Guests must also provide initials to acknowledge they have read the EPE SOU.


IMPORTANT: ALL DEPOSIT PAYMENTS ARE FINAL. There will be a service charge added to each deposit. Once you have completed your form and confirmed your awareness of the deposit, click the "Submit" button to take you to the deposit payment page.
      • $525 ($20 Processing Fee)
        • Covers initial CCL deposit and portion of EPE Anniversary Pass
      • $300 per person ($10 Processing Fee)
        • Covers initial CCL deposit and portion of EPE Anniversary Pass
  • Deposit is based on current CCL general deposit (If CCL deposit is less, based on being a past guest or specials, the remaining amount will be applied towards guests EPE Anniversary Pass and towards CCL payment after the first of each month)
  • UPLIFT - Credit Option ($50 Non-Refundable Fee)