Adoption Application
Furever After Rescue, Inc.
P.O. Box 7075
Macon, GA 31209
(478) 714-5638

Thank you for your interest in adopting a pet from Furever After Rescue, Inc. By choosing adoption you are saving a life. This pre-adoption application and a consultation with a Furever After Rescue, Inc. representative are designed to help you find the pet most compatible with your lifestyle.

To adopt a pet, you must:      

(1) Show a government issued picture ID, and

(2) Be at least 18 years of age.

Section 1: General Information

Are you currently interested in a specific animal from our "adoptables"? *
Are you willing to allow a representative of Furever After Rescue, Inc. to visit your home to see where your pet will be living? **Please note: We ask to visit to be sure that the pet you adopt is going to a good home and the pet is a good fit for your lifestyle. *

Section 2: Contact and Personal Information

Do you rent or own your place of residence? *
Does anyone currently residing in your home have any known allergies to animals? *

Section 3: Pet Specifications

Which best describes your experience as a pet owner? *
Are all of your pets spayed or neutered? *
Are all of your pets currently up-to-date on vaccinations? *
Have you ever surrendered an animal to an animal shelter? *
Have you ever had to euthanize an animal? *
I want a pet because... (Please check all that apply) *
The pet I adopt must be good with... (Please check all that apply) *
I have the following at my home: (Check all that apply) *
When I am not at home, my pet will be *
When I am at home, my pet will be... *
At night, my pet will sleep... *
I want a pet that can be alone... *
I want a pet that is by my side... *
I want a pet that likes to be held... *
I want a pet that enjoys being with children... *
I want a pet that likes to be outside... *
I want a pet that is vocal or "talkative"... *
I am open to a pet that is part of a bonded pair (2-for-1 adoption). *
I am open to adopting a pet with special medical needs. *
I am looking for a pet that is playful (with toys, children, people, etc.) *
I am open to an older pet (5 years or older) *
Which of the following circumstances do you see as being an understandable reason to return or surrender a pet? (Check all that apply) *
Which of the following levels of basic manner training would you prefer them to have at the time of adoption? (House trained, no jumping up, no pulling on leash, no stealing of food, etc.) *
Will you keep your pet's vaccinations up-to-date? *

Section 4: References and Comments

I agree that all statements I have made on this form are true. I understand that knowingly giving false information is grounds for denial of application and/or the repossession of the animal if the application has been approved. I understand that Furever After Rescue, Inc. reserves the right to deny any application.
Potential Adopter's Signature: (Use mouse to write, and clear to delete) *
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