The Hellenic Academy of York is once again pleased to offer an optional Lunch Program to our students.
Completed Lunch Program registration forms along with payment in full is due by
Saturday, September 21, 2019.
Please refer to school calendar for rotating lunch dates.
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide refunds for missed lunch days.
Pizza Lunch (9 weeks)
- Includes choice of 1 or 2 slices of pizza, a drink and a snack.
- Cost for each pizza lunch is $8.00 for one slice or $10.00 for two slices.
- Pizza options include Cheese or Pepperoni (no exceptions).
- Ontario School Food and Beverage Policy (ppm150) and Bill 8 (no added trans fat) approved.
Souvlaki Lunch (9 weeks)
- Includes choice of Chicken or Pork souvlaki from Jimmy the Greek, roasted potatoes, whole
wheat pita, probiotic tzatziki sauce, a drink, and a snack.
- Cost for each souvlaki lunch is $10.00
- A second souvlaki skewer can be ordered for an additional $3.00
Mr. Greek Lunch (8 weeks)
New offering 8 weeks
- Cost for each beefteki lunch is $10.00
A)    Beefteki with Salad and potatoes
B)    Gyro Pita 
C)   Pasta with butter and cheese
 Includes a drink and a snack.
**Each week Mr. Greek will provide Spanakopita / Tiropita medley for all classes** 
We are looking for volunteers to assist with our lunch program. Please indicate below if you are able to volunteer your assistance. *