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"Coming into the camp, I was a little skeptical as to what I would get from it. I knew I wanted to go into film, and I thought, 'I'm going to be a filmmaker, I don't need business!' I couldn't be more wrong! I need to know how to create a product (movies) that serves a purpose, and I need to know who my target audience is. I need to be able to market myself and not only my movies, and I need to make my own 'brand' shine through in my work. I need to know how to network with executives, because that's how I get jobs! I am lucky I had this realization sooner than later, because every job means business. I was also blow away by the diversity of the mentors - in age, race, job, field, everything! It was awesome!" 

 —Rhegan Graham, Girl Scout and Camp CEO alumna

What is Camp CEO?

Camp CEO is a one-of-a-kind premiere leadership camp for teen girls. If accepted, the girl will join a select group of young women from across our council footprint to learn, listen, and share your dreams with some of Chicagoland’s most accomplished women professionals. Top-level women from the fields of science, art, engineering, culinary arts, law, finance, and more will hold unique, collaborative sessions throughout the week, and gather around the campfire at night to talk about where they came from and how they got where they are now. Most importantly, they’ll listen to: dreams, ideas, fears, and hopes for the future. Then, they’ll help map the path to get there.

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