Girl Representative to the Board of Directors Application 2024-2025

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Position Requirements
  • Serve a one-year term.
  • Attend girl representative orientation, pre-board meeting calls, and board meetings. It is important to attend all meetings (unless there are extenuating circumstances) as projects and themes are built upon throughout the year. 
  • Attend and participate in board meetings (September, November and May), one half-day board retreat (February) and the Annual Meeting (April). Girls are expected to provide their own transportation to meetings, which are typically held on a weekday morning in downtown Chicago.  Financial assistance can be provided to cover the cost of transporation
  • Be prepared by reading materials shared prior to meetings.
  • Actively participate in discussions and debates and meetings and be willing to share personal stories as part of a "Mission Moment."
  • Take part in group projects with other girl representatives.
  • Represent the Girl Scout movement as a spokesperson at board and council events.
  • Girls must be entering their freshman year of high school in Fall 2024 to be eligible. 
**Interviews will be held by phone. 

Applicant Understanding

I have read the position requirements and am willing to fulfill all of the responsibilities. *
I am available for the following Girl Representative to the Board commitments:

Parent/Guardian Permission

I have reviewed the position requirements for the Girl Representative to the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana Board of Directors and understand the time commitment and responsibilities involved. My daughter or ward has permission to serve in this role if selected.
If selected, I grant Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana permission to share her email address with other girl representatives and members of the Board of Directors. This list will not be distributed publically.
Any photographs or films taken in which the registered girl appears may be used for promotion or as deemed appropriate by the Girl Scout council free of any claims on my part.
Racial/Ethnic Background (Optional): To monitor and promote the participation of girls from various racial and cultural backgrounds, you have the option of providing the following self-identifying information. This information will be used for data purposes exclusively and will have no influence on the selection process.
*Note: Upon selection, girl representatives and their parents or guardians will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement similar to that signed by all board members.