Adult Recognition D.A.I.S.Y. Award Submission
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Recognition Award Nomination

The Dynamic And Incredible Staff of the Year Award recognizes the outstanding work of a staff member.

The D.A.I.S.Y. award recognizes the outstanding service that:

  • Has resulted in the development of partnerships with volunteers and/or community leaders to at least one service unit or program delivery audience toward the achievement of the council’s goals
  • Will benefit the entire council beyond the staff member’s tenure
  • Goes far beyond the expectations of the employee’s job description
  • Supports the achievement of the council’s goals and strategic learning efforts
  • This award will be presented to only 3 people per year.


  1. The candidate is a registered Girl Scout staff member.
  2. The candidate has provided outstanding service to at least one geographic area or program delivery audience in a way that advances the council’s goals.
  3. The candidate must have a minimum of three (3) years in the staff position.
  4. The candidate’s service goes far beyond the expectations for the position.
  5. Two individuals or groups who are familiar with the candidate’s service must submit letters of endorsement, one letter must be from a volunteer, or a group of volunteers and one must be from a staff member.
  6. This award will be presented to only 3 people per year.
  7. Reviewed first by the Human Resources department to insure the candidate is in good standing with the Council, and then sent on to the awards screening task group for review of the additional criteria
  8. Receives final approval from the Board of Directors


All nominations must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. December 1st.

Nominee Information

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Nominee's adult years and positions

Please list nominee's current position(s) and years held (if known). Please include voluteer and/or staff positions.
Format: Troop Leader 2012 to Present
Please list nominee's previous position(s) and years held (if known). Please include voluteer and/or staff positions.
Format: Troop Leader 2012-2014
Did this nominee receive any of these awards? *
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Year award was received? *
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Year award was received? *
Year award was received? *
Please list other award(s) received and year awarded (if known)
Format: DAISY 2012

Nominee's Qualities and Impact

Girl Scout Leadership Experience Volunteer Qualities *
 Area of concernMay be in place, but not evidentOccasionally evidentExcellence in this area is evidentDoes Not Apply
Girl Focus (fun, interactive, respectful, provides girl led experiences)
Adaptability (flexible, modifies own behavior, capable of understanding, has a sense of humor)
Good Oral Communication (clear, concise, accurate, listens, clarifies, and facilitates)
Fosters Diversity (values, nurtures, understands, and embraces diversity/differences)
Personal Integrity (dependable, credible, honest, responsible for own actions)
The nominee has had impact in the following functional areas:
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Nominator's Information

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Letters of Endorsement

Please list names, positions and contact information for individuals submitting letters of endorsement.  Letters of endorsement may not be written by family members.  Endorsements may be written by non-Girl Scout adults familiar with the nominee's work.  For example, a school principal, a teacher, a clergy member, an adult from a collaborating organization, etc.
If an endorser DOES NOT have access to submit on-line, you may upload a legible letter of endorsement.

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