Prosthetic Solutions for Partial Hand Amputations

American Society of Hand Therapists National Convention
1:30-2:00pm, Saturday 10/14

Orange County Ballroom, Salon #2

Course Description:

Often loss of a digit is seen as a “minor” amputation, but a “minor” amputation is not equal to a “minor” effect. People with partial hand amputations often perceive themselves to be more disabled than those with unilateral transradial or transhumeral upper limb amputations. Many are unable to return to their previous employment. This presentation provides a detailed overview of prosthetic solutions for individuals with partial hand loss. The focus will identify features and benefits of these options, and identify which patients will most benefit from these devices. Case presentations and demonstrator units will be used.


Ken Hung, CPO, National Upper Limb Specialist
Joyce Tyler, OTR/L, CHT, National Rehabilitation Specialist

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