Senior Job Search Pod

What is a Senior Job Search Pod?

  • A group of 3-6 Seniors who want to make the job search easier and more enjoyable by working together
  • A chance to meet (virtual and/or in-person) in collaboration with a Knowlton Center Career Coach and work on what is most important to you.  
  • Flexible and designed for your needs. You will start off with a virtual call with a coach who will learn more about your group's needs and discuss options. 

How do I form a Senior Job Search Pod?

  • Find 2 to 5 peers who want to be included (can have similar job interests or not!)
  • Identify a Pod Leader who will fill out the form below
  • A Knowlton Center Career Coach will reach out to you to schedule a time to discuss

We are offering a few Senior Job Search Pods to start and will add more based on interest and staff availability, so please sign up ASAP if you are interested.  

Additional Pod Members - First and Last Name (up to 5 more students)
What are the general career interest area(s) of the members of this pod? *
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