Join the Modernize the Truck Fleet Coalition to Repeal FET

The National Trailer Dealers Association (NTDA) has supported open discussions and proposals to amend the laws governing Federal Excise Tax (FET) since a small group of dealers came together in 1990 to form the Association.

FET has long been an unfair method of taxing the truck and trailer industry. Over the years, The NTDA has been here to help you stay in compliance and to limit your exposure by providing a Federal Excise Tax Compliance Hotline, information, articles and other resources. Recently our Association has been asked to join a trucking industry coalition that is actively trying to repeal and replace the FET. As we fight to make FET fairer, clearer and less burdensome, we remain available to help our members navigate the many complexities of this tax.

The NTDA is joining forces with the American Truck Dealers Association (ATD) and the “Join the Modernize the Truck Fleet” Coalition to further fight FET. There is optimism among the members of this coalition that now is the time to actively effect change to the law. The Coalition includes ATD, the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA), the Truck Renting and Leasing Association (TRALA), and the Engine Manufactures Association (EMA). For lobbying efforts to be successful it takes money, and the Coalition is looking to us to help fund this effort. 

On behalf of the dealer members currently serving on the NTDA Board of Directors, we are asking our members to join us in making a voluntary donation to help fund this effort. If we do not take a seat at the table, we cannot complain when any changes to the law do not benefit our members or the trailer industry.

As the Coalition was recently formed, this expenditure was not budgeted as part of the NTDA’s 2019 operating budget. Therefore, we are asking members for a $300 donation to help fund the Coalition’s efforts. Each NTDA Dealer Board Member has already pledged an amount greater than the minimum as we strongly believe in repealing FET. No donation will be turned down and more is always better. Please do what you can. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of any donations.

Please use the form below to donate online, or make checks payable to: National Trailer Dealers Association, 9864 E. Grand River Ave., Ste. 110-290, Brighton, MI  48116. To request a W-9 form, please e-mail

Hopefully the time is right, and changes can be made that will if nothing else make the law easier to understand without so many parts that are open for interpretation.

Thank you for your support!

NTDA Chairman of the Board John Princing, First Vice Chairman Joel Hought, Treasurer Richard Bloomquist, Charlie Blyth, Kenneth Bumgardner, Justin Deputy, Mark Hall, Mike Shuemake, and
Dave Tomasello


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