USAID Lebanon Trade and Investment Facilitation

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Lebanon’s Trade and Investment Facilitation (TIF) project works to enhance economic opportunities by facilitating trade and investment in targeted sectors resulting in job creation and increased incomes for Lebanese citizens – with a strong focus on enhancing women’s workforce participation.


     1.  Increased exports of Lebanese goods and services
     2.  Facilitate investment leading to increased domestic investment
     3.  Improved the business and investment enabling environment 

TIF employs a facilitative, market-led approach that supports Lebanese productive sectors throughout the country with export potential, including:

  • Argo-Food Processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Knowledge Economy and Services
  • Tourism and Hospitality

TIF supports Lebanese productive sector associations and clustered companies through a grant funding mechanism designed to deliver essential business services and provide other forms of support to partners focused on export and import substitution, securing finance/investment and improving the business and investment enabling environment. Development Plans must be at the sector level, which will directly benefit more than one company.

TIF is implemented by DAI Global, LLC. DAI works on the frontlines of global development. DAI transforms ideas into action and action into impact. DAI is committed to shaping a more livable world.  

TIF Eligibility Criteria

Groups of enterprises may collaborate to initiate sectoral improvements, increase production capacity, propose policy reforms, etc. Collaboration to improve a sector or sectors and/or increase production capacity is highly encouraged. Where possible, TIF will request applicants to collaborate and increase impact as a result of TIF support. 

Registered non-government entities, universities, community-based entities, and other civil society organizations may apply. Private sector for-profit firms (companies, business service providers with unique and innovative ideas, etc.) are also encouraged to submit applications but they cannot charge fees or profit to TIF. Industry groups, associations, organizational clusters and shared platforms may also apply. All applicants must provide a Development Plan that clearly supports one or more of TIF’s USAID-approved sectors that increase exports and enhance competitiveness, leading to improved production capacity, employment generation and domestic finance/investment.

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TIF publishes an Annual Program Statement (APS) which serves as the invitation for prospective partners to submit competitive Development Plans and potentially receive TIF project support. The APS contains the conditions for potential project support. This application website contains a simple form for applicants to propose brief Development Plans. TIF will review the Development Plans based on the selection criteria in the APS to select which Development Plans will proceed to a co-creation process with TIF. Applicants are strongly encouraged to read the full APS to understand TIF's requirements.
  • Download the APS via this link.
  • Access all questions and answers related to the APS via this link.
To Apply
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